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Fairtrade, a compromise with our society

Fair Trade is more than a certification system, it is a way for you to grow as a producer or buyer in modern trade. 

In order for you to have key and effective results, MFO in support of Fairtrade focuses on expanding markets and establishing cooperative exchanges between producers and agencies. 

If you identify yourself as a producer, you will benefit from a better income situation and financial stability, because our system makes investments in productivity and quality possible, which in turn positively impacts income.  

A crucial aspect of the Fairtrade system is that companies that seek sustainable supply chains, by sourcing Fairtrade goods and licensing Fairtrade brands, help the farmers and employees of Fairtrade producing companies to better manage their own future. So you will have relatively more information about the market, plus the fact that they appear as a united and cooperative structure. 

Our customers have an ever wider choice of ethical and independently licensed products, showing that trade can be fairer, more sustainable and better for all parties involved. More demanding and ecological participation imposed by the Fairtrade standards contribute to better environmental protection and in your future production. 

Fair Trade offers you important protection online by imposing minimum fees for all predominant commodities, while the Fairtrade Premium provides you with additional funds to invest in your own developments. 

We believe that the best way to eliminate poverty in production is to contribute all together to farmers an honest rate for their products and to people an honest wage for their work. 

A fair trade would allow you to achieve the goals of sustainable development and mainly took advantage of a new improvement tool that will be favorable to you to go beyond the limits of the acceptable. 

Learn more about the benefits of Fairtrade for your business or get in touch with a Fairtrade company near you.