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E- MyFlowers Platform: After 25 years in the business of cut flowers as exporters, buyers, and wholesale, our team decided to create the first international online flower trade platform. This ambitious project should on the one hand improve access to the European market for Ecuatorian & Colombian producers interested in promoting their price and quality competitiveness. On the other hand, the one-stop service for our customers will make life easier for small and medium-sized companies. Thanks to the support of our branch offices that are in Ecuador, Colombia, France and Holland, MyFlowers.Online is about to revolutionize the flower market.

Our webshop  open Access for real time offers   is between 17:00-11:00 (GMT).

My Flowers Online  features:

Quality guaranteed.
Price guaranteed.
You order directly from the grower-Transparency to whom you are buying from.
72 hours Transit time between your purchases and arrival to final destination.
One single payment
Logistics Coordination.
Personalize Customer Service.



We take care of your long-term buying’s, by managing with each supplier you enquire and guarantee the compliance of your orders. every week we provide a pre-alert indicating the status of your shipment and flights coordination.

Through My Flowers Online Service platform you have Access to track your orders, forecast your seasonal requirements , and manage your Taylor made catalogue.


All our services are supported by 20 years of experience in flowers, foliage exports and aircargo management, MyFlowers.Online has high standards in exportation, thus we guarantee a comprehensive quality process from the moment our suppliers cut the flowers to the delivery in a location chosen by you, or at our cargo agents warehouse at the port of origin.

The flowers are certified, keeping cold chain and tracking during the entire process.  Also, if you want to participate logistic wise with the advantages of our consolidation transportation prices, we may quote for your shipments competitive airfreight rates from Tuesday thru Sunday departure. We offer our consol shipments at competitive rates and liable service.  If a client already works with one freight forwarder and airline we coordinate the on-time tendering to the agent’s warehouse at the airport of origin. ¡We take care of everything! Once you ordered products online, it will be delivered to the location of your choice within 48 hours.