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Buying Benefits

Daily Online offers (24/7)

  • We simplify the purchase process, publishing Daily Stock and Availability in real time so sellers and buyers can do business 24/7. 

Standing Order Management

  • We handle your orders, everything under One Roof, multiple suppliers, multiple products, follow your orders, upload web claims, control your account payables, you can save time and money.
  • We manage the orders, source products according to the needs and seasonality always offering new varieties and trends.

Logistics services

  • We are experts in logistics processes of agricultural products; that’s why we do the entire logistics process, which starts from the moment the suppliers cut the flowers, till delivering your order in the place agreed by your company or in our warehouse located at the airport of origin.
  • To guarantee our services, we select the suppliers, we do quality control at the farms, manage inventories, and everything related to air and sea transport (We also offer a cargo consolidation solution).
  • We take care of everything! Once the products are ordered, they will arrive at their destination within a period not exceeding 48-72 hours.

Tracking and location

  • A constant report on the status of your order gives you peace of mind and you’ll be reassured that your order will arrive well and on time to its destination.

One single payment

  • We guarantee that the payment of your products purchased through our platform can be managed through a single payment, thus ensuring time savings and lower financial costs.


  • We offer you a virtual marketplace where you can contact multiple suppliers in the flower market, from different countries.

Selected crops

  • You’ll have access to the best crops previously selected by our team.

Contacts around the world

  • Buyers can contact international markets and different agricultural producers.
Benefits of buying with Myflowers.Online

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